How I decided to wait for Tony Stark

Do you remember that feeling from when you were little, maybe around 8-12 years old, and you thought the world is your personal oyster and that anything is possible? When you kept on searching for dreams, because not even one of them was daring enough for you? And then you grew up and everybody kept telling you to be real and that you cannot do whatever you want to do, so they smashed your dreams and made you a sarcastic and ironic bitch? You know what you have to tell them now?

Fuck off, men!

I’m the type of person that gets enlightened by movies and music (she says playing again Matrix’s Navras) and I inspire myself to believe that I can do more. I have to in a way because otherwise I would not be able to survive and keep writing awesome blog posts for you to read. In another way, I love that feeling that something out there is waiting for me and for my dream to come true. But enough poetry for today, let’s get back to business!

I just got back from Iron Man 3, and man, I love Tony Stark! And I’m not saying I love Robert Downey Jr. (which I do but that’s not the point here), I just love the idea of a man like Tony Stark. I mean… come on! How can you not love the bastard?! So, right after the movie ended and the other bastards showed nothing about the next movie or any insight into Thor 2, I decided I will marry a guy like Tony Stark!

I am not the marrying girl type, and I sure as hell am not keeping myself from life until then, but I will find one! It’s not like I love awkward funny intelligent immature and sarcastic men, it’s just the idea of having that kind of adventure in my life. Of course, I will need to be very specific with the details of my future life story because Karma and Life are bitches, and they will surely find a way to turn it against me like they always do. But, I need to take my nap first. I can very well be sarcastic about it tomorrow in the afternoon.

This being said, I have one advice for all my fans out there: don’t let them smash your dreams, even if it’s just about a guy/girl. If you’re worth it, you’ll get it. If not, pray you’ll have enough money to buy it!

P.S.: I love awkward funny intelligent immature and sarcastic men, just to be clear.

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