How I decided to wait for Tony Stark

Do you remember that feeling from when you were little, maybe around 8-12 years old, and you thought the world is your personal oyster and that anything is possible? When you kept on searching for dreams, because not even one of them was daring enough for you? And then you grew up and everybody kept telling you to be real and that you cannot do whatever you want to do, so they smashed your dreams and made you a sarcastic and ironic bitch? You know what you have to tell them now?

Fuck off, men!

I’m the type of person that gets enlightened by movies and music (she says playing again Matrix’s Navras) and I inspire myself to believe that I can do more. I have to in a way because otherwise I would not be able to survive and keep writing awesome blog posts for you to read. In another way, I love that feeling that something out there is waiting for me and for my dream to come true. But enough poetry for today, let’s get back to business! Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present you…

I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work… I want to achieve it through not dying.

Woody Allen.

So, I was on Facebook the other day. Oh great, marvelous source of wtf‘s of the 21st century! And this one friend of mine posted a link. I clicked on it. You know, procrastination and stuff. And there I was, amazed and wtf-ing. OK, we all know Facebook’s privacy policy has been put to the wall for some of its…gaps. Let’s leave it there. Let’s call them gaps. And since I simply cannot break up with Facebook ( our relationship is one of those addictive, harmful ones you see in the movies), I thought to myself: ”Hey, at least I can get rid of it when I die.”

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Be wise, or so they say…

If you want to be a successful ironic or sarcastic person, you need to read! Read pamphlets, how to’s,  food recipes, facebook comments or online jokes. I also like to read books, and because there are people way older than me (most of them quite dead already) and with a lot more experience, I managed to gather a few wise words. These might as well be the beginning of a beautiful ironic/sarcastic Bible.

1. „-What is your line of work?

-I’m a lawyer.

-I should have known. Everybody is a lawyer these days.”

Michael Crichton in State of fear

2. „World chaos exists because we neglect our feet.”

Laurent Seksik in La Consultation Continue reading