About The Awesomness Behind This Blog

I was surfing the net the other night. Let me rephrase this one. I was sufing the net the other night, while I was supposed to find a great and innovative way to make enough money to get me out of debt and pay my rent. So there I was, in the middle of the night, dreaming of becoming famous and rich and stuff when it hit me: life is so ironic that I will never get there and that I will just have to work, like the rest of the people out there.Oh well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Except I’m not a man. Or at least not on the outside. Yes, you guessed it right: I am a supernatural being. I am the result of a Vampire and a Fairy who met 25 years ago in a very Communist environment. When I was born, stars fell and people danced.The Berlin Wall was torn down to welcome my birth.I puke rainbows and I bite everything stupid that comes across my way. Sometimes I even bite myself.


Aaaaaan about me now, the other half of the glass. I mean blog. I’m the empty part, just to be sure you understand. I’m the bitter-hate-them-all person who loves to scrap eyes and to make everyone feel they are not alone. Or maybe not, I’m not sure. I’m the one who hates Christmas and wants for the Merry Grinch to become a patented thing. I love to write here because nobody knows me and my bitterness can play at maximum, without anyone having to feel offended for knowing me. I’m the one chicken enough to write on a blog than to say it straight in the face, and I’m an atheist. I don’t hide it, but I don’t like to praise with it either ’cause of all the true believers who try to convert me. I also love to make fun of my poor luck and to believe that in another universe I am a very happy person who has a blog about cute puppies. And I believe in Al Pacino. One day, I will definitely make a religion for him! The empty half of the glass is now over and out.

Ande G.

This blog is a pamphlet and it should be treated as such.

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