How to Survive Christmas

No, I am not Grinch coming to steal your Christmas. I love it, somehow. OK, maybe LOVE is a very strong word, but nevertheless, I like it. Sometimes. Whaaat?! At least I am not like my friend who told me that “Christmas is the worst part of the year. It comes to you and it starts throwing s**t in your face: you don’t have a boyfriend yet, you have no idea what to do with your life, you’re poor, you’re going to gain weight with all this food. And since we have already learned how to be smart and how to pick up chicks, let me tell you 5 tips on how to survive Christmas and get clean out of it.  Continue reading


Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Do you have that really really old relative that comes to your house for Easter, Christmas, everyone’s birthday, and when they want to go shopping? Well, I have one, and a few years ago, he (some great-great-uncle), told me this:

I was 19, and it was June.  My family almost had Jesus. I felt obliged to ask for more presents.