What Is Irony, Anyway?

When I started this blog, I intended to make it a sanctuary of irony and sarcasm. Still, it seems that the only thing I succeeded was showing how irony examples seem to come in and out of my life as if the Universe was constantly plotting against me. Another thing I have succeeded is to make an ironic example of this entire blog (that is, this blog is ironic in the sense that it is ironic how not-very-ironic-still-tagging-itself-as-ironic the posts I have made so far are). Still, I have big plans (and imagine Ozzy singing “I’m just a dreamer” now- I’m too lazy to actually link it, just imagine it playing until the end of this post).

My first post promised to teach Irony and Sarcasm as a foreign language. So, instead of simply teaching you how to speak irony and sarcasm in *insert here number of days*, I will learn it first and then forward my knowledge to you. This will be a new category of the blog (in addition to the old ones- sorry, I’m emotionally attached to them), in which, once/ week, I will try to teach it like a proper teacher teaches.

Because I want it a reputable course in the Irony and Sarcasm field, it will also have an Course Overview (yes, this is starting to look and feel like actual school). Also, it will have a small exam. But that’s a surprise I will talk about later on. ‘Nough with the babble. Here are the main topics we will be learning about:

  • Irony. Definition of Irony. Etymology
  • Sarcasm. Definition of Sarcasm. Etymology
  • Types of Irony: Situational Irony. Dramatic Irony. Verbal irony. Socratic Irony. Examples
  • Irony Quotes
  • Sarcasm. Sarcastic Quotes. Sarcasm examples.
  • Difference Between Sarcasm and Irony

One thought on “What Is Irony, Anyway?

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