For the children in Africa

A long time ago, when I was back in high-school, we had this absolutely, amazingly, incredibly wacko career counseling class. And we had to fill in the empty gaps on a ‘poem’ that sounded like “I am happy because…/ I like myself because…/ I cry because…” And there I was, yawning and growling and having the urge to run, when I heard one of my classmates say: 

“I cry because there are so many children in Africa that are hungry right now and we waste the food”.

There was a drilling sound in my head that moment. I often look at it as the moment when my bitch switch turned on. Let me make this clear, I am not racist, I am sorry for the children in Africa, I wish I could actually help (more than joining Causes on Facebook), but that’s the LAST reason for which I stand up at night and cry. Call me a selfish bitch, I may be.

Anyway, I found this article today and instantly thought of my ex-classmate who is probably still weeping for the children in Africa every time she eats her lunch sandwich. I am dedicating this post to her.

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