How to Pick Up Chicks aka How to Be a Good Christian

Apparently, the main attraction of the Baptist church in my neighborhood are its christian girls. But let me start this properly. Image

OK, remember how a couple of months ago I was given an entire speech on smoking and its disadvantages by an older gentleman? I was heading towards the same park a couple of weeks ago, when I saw these two guys running with tears of laughter in their eyes towards me. Just when I got nearer, a group of ladies started speaking to these guys. Here is their conversation:

“Young gentlemen, why are you laughing?”

“… *lols*”

“Don’t laugh, talk about God”

“Uhm … *louder lols*”

“Come, come to our church *pointing towards the Baptist Church*. There are a lot of young people there and they all talk about God and His Amazing Works.”

“… *retained lols*”


And then I saw it. They were running from the same old man I had ran from a couple of months ago. Damn. I heard a “passive smoker” shout while I was heading back from where I came from.

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