Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present you…

I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work… I want to achieve it through not dying.

Woody Allen.

So, I was on Facebook the other day. Oh great, marvelous source of wtf‘s of the 21st century! And this one friend of mine posted a link. I clicked on it. You know, procrastination and stuff. And there I was, amazed and wtf-ing. OK, we all know Facebook’s privacy policy has been put to the wall for some of its…gaps. Let’s leave it there. Let’s call them gaps. And since I simply cannot break up with Facebook ( our relationship is one of those addictive, harmful ones you see in the movies), I thought to myself: ”Hey, at least I can get rid of it when I die.”

WRONG. We are tied for eneternity, just as people who get married in the church are bound to live their entire lives and afterlives together (as if marriage wasn’t complicated enough without the whole eternity concept in it). And, as if it wasn’t already hard enough to make a will and share all of my fortune with my offsprings without making them fight (I plan to have a huge amount of money at stake by then, you see), it seems that now I have to choose someone to take care of my DIGITAL self too. Oh, decisons, decisions… Not only that, but now I can even haunt my Facebook friends…forever. Sorry, guys,  it seems that you won’t be able to to escape my witty shares unless you unfriend me…

That’s it, Ladies and Gentlemen. We have it all. We have achieved… immortality. Kind of.

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