How to Be Smart

Have you ever wondered how to make people see how intelligent you actually are? Have you ever wanted to show off your IQ levels? Have you ever wanted to boost your self-esteem to the point where it hits people right in their faces? Then hear my lesson. Here you have 5 simple steps that will make you the brightest light on the tree!

1.First, you have to read. Magazines, How-to books and Paulo Cohelo will do it.

2. You have to be interested in Philosphy, Politics and Arts. That is, you have to make your own philosophy. You have to listen to some anti-politicians hip-hop/ rap. As for the artsy part, Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss printed on your handbag will show everyone that you are a true lover of the Fine Arts!

3. You have to listen to Classical music. Beethoven’s ninth will do. Also, you have to watch intelligent movies such as action, chick-flick and movies who make you pose questions (”Will I ever find true love?”)

4. You have to write, preferably poetry. Anthing tear-exciting with some sort of rhyme counts as poetry.

5. You have to post everything on Facebook. Also, make sure your album is full of pictures with you in your bathing suit, dressing gown or anything else that shows some skin. ALWAYS post some deep quote underneath it (preferably on love and the cruelty of life). Here’s an example: 

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