Be wise, or so they say…

If you want to be a successful ironic or sarcastic person, you need to read! Read pamphlets, how to’s,  food recipes, facebook comments or online jokes. I also like to read books, and because there are people way older than me (most of them quite dead already) and with a lot more experience, I managed to gather a few wise words. These might as well be the beginning of a beautiful ironic/sarcastic Bible.

1. „-What is your line of work?

-I’m a lawyer.

-I should have known. Everybody is a lawyer these days.”

Michael Crichton in State of fear

2. „World chaos exists because we neglect our feet.”

Laurent Seksik in La Consultation

3. „-Grace! she said. Aren’t you ar work?

-I am, I just learned how to teleport.

Nobody laughed. Because nobody was listening to me.”

Marian Keyes in This Charming Man

4. „I’ll be damned! So you tell me there are ideas with nothing better to do than to visit your head?”

Karl May in Winnetou

5. „-When does the 15:47 train arrives?

The clerk answered spitefully:

-At 15:47.”

Maurice Leblanc in The Woman With Two Smiles

Be wise, my little padawans, be wise!

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